As a Brazilian from Hawaii, I know a good açaí bowl when I taste one. These bad boys have been popping up everywhere thanks to a recent social media trend. But unfortunately, it's hard to find a really good one. Most açaí bowls that you'll find at your local smoothie shop are blended with berries and juice– which is not bad if you're looking for a berry smoothie bowl, but açaí has such a unique and amazing flavor why cover it up with something else? If I'm paying $12 I want açaí, not blueberries. I also refrain from adding any liquid to my açaí as I prefer a thicker, sorbet consistency so you'll have to practice some patience while blending. I hope you enjoy this recipe and I'd love to see your favorite açaí bowl toppings by tagging @yasmeen_lee and #veganyasmeen on Instagram!


vegan. gluten-free. soy-free. nut-free. raw.

2 frozen Sambazon original smoothie packs
2 frozen bananas

approx. 6 strawberries; quartered
nature's path sunrise crunchy vanilla cereal
hemp seeds
coconut flakes
raw + organic local honey

Soak your açaí packs in warm water for 30-60 seconds.
While doing so, chop your frozen bananas into smaller pieces (like coins) to speed up the blending process.
Add your frozen bananas and açaí to your blender or food processor and blend until smooth and completely incorporated.
Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy immediately! xx