Hi There! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on here but this one was highly requested and I have quite a few recommendations so I figured it was time to make a come-back!

As you may know, I recently took my first trip with Aiden (and without Alan) to Maui, Hawaii and with that, I learned a few things about air travel with a baby. In this blog post, I’m not only going to share a few tips and tricks when traveling with a baby, but some things that also made our lives a bit easier throughout the process that I’m so glad I had with me! Let’s get to it!


the airport

  • Car Seat + Stroller– You can gate check (check at the gate right before you enter the plane) your car seat and stroller so bring it with you through the airport so you don’t have to carry your carry-on bags! You can also get a car seat cover and pack things (like baby clothes and gear) in the carseat itself! We didn’t end up doing that because everything fit in one suitcase but it’s an option. I also did not bring the car seat base and just strapped in the car seat with the rental car’s seatbelt (per the manufacture’s instructions on the car seat). In my opinion, there’s no need to get a special kind of car seat or stroller for this. We just have one set and I brought that with me with no issues. Don’t listen to the marketing and waste your money unless you really feel like you need it.

  • Babywearing– I highly recommend babywearing throughout the airport if possible for you. You can then use the stroller for all of your other things (as stated above), and you DO NOT have to take off your baby through security. If you have a carrier with metal on it like mine (most do not), they will give you the option to take it off or get a pat down. I took the pat down because 1, it was much quicker and easier than taking the whole baby and carrier off and putting it back on after walking through the metal detecter and 2, after labor and delivery, a woman swiftly touching me with the back of her hands is NOTHING to me. {lol}

  • Food– I made and brought my own food on the plane for the first time this trip. The rules are a bit trickier when coming back from Hawaii (those agriculture laws don’t play around) but you’re good with anything that isn’t fresh, raw fruits and veggies. For some reason, they’re much stricter when you’re going FROM Hawaii to the mainland (makes ZERO sense) but you’re pretty much good to go to on the way there. If you’re flying within the continental U.S., you can pretty much bring any food as long as it’s not a liquid or gel over 3.5oz. LIFE HACK: you can bring liquid (stick to water people) over the 3.5oz limit IF you state it’s for your baby at security. You can also bring any amount of breastmilk or formula if that’s something you’re concerned about. I brought a grain bowl in a jar, overnight oats, Four Sigmatic matcha latte packets, a banana, dried tropical fruit, a water bottle, and some fizz packets.

the airplane

  • Seating– I did not purchase a seat for Aiden because I personally could not justify spending that much money on something that I didn’t need to (lap infants fly for free up until two years old). I am so glad I didn’t because both of our flights were not full and we ended up getting an empty seat! Aiden did not actually sit in the other seat for most of the time but it was SO nice having that extra space for stuff and to not be right next to a stranger with my giant, on-the-move baby. When you get to the gate, ask the people at the desk if there are any empty seats. They will most likely move you if there are. I flew with Alaska Airlines and I was so impressed with their helpfulness. When booking your flight, try to pick seats all the way at the back of the plane. Being next to a bathroom is great just in case you need to change any diapers (or pee a million times yourself) and your baby will have plenty of people to flirt with while they wait for the restroom. If you end up getting moved closer to the front but get an empty seat, no big deal. I’d rather have more room vs be closer to the bathroom. I did not need any kind of identification for Aiden but you obviously need a passport if you fly internationally.

  • Popping Ears– I was worried about Aiden’s ears popping during take-off and landing so I did a little research. The only thing I saw recommended was to feed during take-off and landing to help avoid due to the jaw/sucking movement. Similar to us chewing gum. I fed him as long as I could (he gets distracted super easily these days) and he didn’t seem to be in pain either time so I would say it was a success! I do however think that it’s unique to each baby and each situation, so do your best but don’t stress!

your destination

  • Baby Gear– I did not bring all of the diapers I needed for the trip with me. I brought enough for the airport and plane + some extras and then stopped by Target after landing and got enough diapers and wipes for the rest of the trip! I saved tons of packing room by not bringing an entire box of diapers with me. I can’t speak for international trips but I highly recommend doing this if you’re going to somewhere domestic. I did not bring a pack n play, breast pump, or high chair with me because we personally did not need these. This is going to be very different depending on your family and your specific needs! We co-sleep so Aiden just slept on the bed with me, I didn’t leave him so I didn’t need a breast pump, and we aren’t doing any kind of serious feeding schedule so we didn’t need a high-chair. Be honest with yourself about what you actually need vs what’s just going to be a pain in the a** to carry around.

  • Rituals– This one could be for both mama and baby! Bring some of your daily rituals with you to keep you grounded while you’re away from home! I was with a baby without Alan’s help for six days and my morning rituals kept me sane! I’ll share some of my favorite things below.


for baby

  • Non-Toxic Sunscreen– Sunscreen is typically made up ingredients that are not only harmful to your precious baby’s skin and endocrine system, but also to our environment and the colorful reefs that make up our oceans! This is the only sunscreen I would trust on Aiden’s very fair, baby soft skin! I’m proud to report that he didn’t get burnt at all! (Hawaii’s UV rays are about double the strength of a summer day in Southern California).

  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes– Aiden is at the age where he’s constantly climbing and crawling around everything and putting anything and everything in his mouth. I sanitized the SH*T out of everything I could in the plane (the seats, windows, tray tables, arm rests, etc.) with these non-toxic wipes!

  • Baby Carrier– If you’re going to a warm, tropical location like we did, I could not recommend having a baby carrier enough. I obviously couldn’t bring my stroller on the sand but still had a ton of beach stuff to carry (umbrella, bags, toys, towels, etc.) so I needed my hands free! I fell so deeply in love with my Sakura Bloom carrier while we were away! I was perfect for all of the beach trips, waterfall hikes, and sunset missions throughout our time there!

for mama

  • Eye Gel Masks– I’m sad to report that we had to wake up around 4AM for both of our flights (after not going to sleep until 1AM). Between that and the dreaded jet lag, I needed all of the help I could get when it came to looking and feeling alive. I kept these in the fridge and used them every morning to keep me grounded and take a bit of home with me on our trip. I also used these on the plane! What better way to kill time than take care of yourself??

  • Four Sigmatic– I brought my own Four Sigmatic coffee and matcha latte packets with me! It may seem a little silly, but I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get them there and matcha is a part of my daily routine that I didn’t want to give up! These little packets made it super easy to just throw in some hot water or plant milk to give me that superfood caffeine boost I needed in the AM.

  • Pre/Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes– I don’t know about you, but every time I travel my digestion is WHACK. The plane leaves me super bloated and the anxiety of not being at home (in my own bathroom) leaves me “backed-up.” These easy-peasy, travel-friendly packets that contain your prebiotics, probiotics, AND digestive enzymes which makes it so simple to take by just adding to any liquid!

  • FIZZ, FIZZ, FIZZ– Fizz is the love of my life both while traveling and at home. It’s a healthy caffeine/coffee/soda replacement filled with essential B vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. Amazing for brain + energy support!

  • Food– I talked a little bit about bringing food on the plane above, but making sure you have nutrient dense, filling food to nourish you is going to help support you while traveling and save you money by not having to purchase food in the airport or on the plane! Happy, nourished, low-stress mama = happy baby!

  • Hydration– Flying is VERY dehydrating so staying hydrated is key! I keep my skin and body hydrated on the plane to make sure I feel my best once I get to my destination. If you’re worried about drinking too much and having to get up to pee 186 times, add a hydration multiplier like Liquid IV or Nuun to your water for extra electrolytes.

I hope this has been helpful! I felt very prepared for my trip and I’m proud to be able to say that I think it went very smoothly and we had a wonderful time! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comments below and have a wonderful week! xx