One Bedroom Apartment Nursery Tour

Yay! I finally get to show you guys my *nearly* finished nursery! With the help of Pinterest, I've basically been brainstorming and creating this space in my head for the last 6 months, so it's pretty fun to see how it all eventually came together.

If you don't already know, my Boyfriend and I live in Los Angeles, CA which is typically not a cheap place to live. Babies (and having them) can also be pretty expensive, but thankfully they really don't take up a lot of room– especially before they can crawl and/or walk. Therefore we live in a one bedroom apartment. I know, we're absolutely insane, but babies typically sleep in their parent's room for at least the first six months of their lives so we didn't think it was necessary for us to spend a bunch of money we don't have on a room he isn't going to use for a while; which allowed us to find a place with an in-unit washer and dryer (for all of that tiny baby laundry), a large spread-out, gated community, air conditioning, and parking! These all may sound like no-brainers to you but this can be very difficult to find in a large city like LA– especially on a budget.

Because our baby will be sharing a smaller space with us, I did my best to make his things look like our things (minimal, bright, contemporary), and not like baby stuff threw up all over our apartment and took over our lives. This also prompted me to get creative with the storage and organization aspect of creating this space and I'm pretty proud of how everything turned out (if I say so myself).

Exposed Closet

The first thing you see when you walk into our room is our dresser, which is now his "closet" and changing area. We don't have much closet space and so after some Pinterest searching and a little bit of creativity I knew I wanted to go with a floating shelf/exposed closet situation for his cuter going-out clothes. I couldn't find anything like this for sale online (except a few pricey "not our style" options on Etsy) so we decided to put it together ourselves. We purchased a floating shelf from Amazon and a dowel and some rope from Home Depot. Putting this together took less than an hour and paired with these velvet baby hangers from Amazon, I'm actually very happy with how it turned out!


Changing Area

We don't have room for a separate changing table or additional dresser so I turned our current dresser into a changing station by adding this adorable changing basket, our wipe warmer, and this faux cactus I picked up from Target. This area is directly across from the foot of our bed so I wanted to create a space that wasn't a complete eye-sore, but still very functional. Half of the drawers still belong to my clothes and the other half are dedicated to most of his clothes, pajamas, and diaper changing things.

I purchased these simple white drawer organizers from IKEA and I can't imagine what these drawers would look like without them. The top drawer contains diapers, extra wipes, diaper creams and baby lotions, burp cloths, nipple pads, changing pad covers, and any other relevant health + safety items. The second drawer holds all of his newborn onesies (most of which are hand-me-downs thanks to some very nice aunties), newborn pants, 0-3 month pants, socks, and mittens. The last drawer is where all of his pj's, gowns, 0-3 onesies, and beanies live.


Additional Storage

I was originally hesitant to "stock-up" despite everyone's advice simply because I didn't want a bunch of boxes of diapers laying around as my number one goal while creating this shared nursery was to make the most of the space we have. One way to do both of these things for me was to create some storage under the bed that I could easily access when I needed to. I bought this shallow plastic storage bin from IKEA that slides under our bed seamlessly. It holds our current diaper collection perfectly and it's super easy for me to access because it's directly behind the changing area. I also have a box of wipes I received at my shower under there.

In addition to the under-bed storage I currently have a "diaper caddy" that contains his toiletries, washcloths, extra wipes, and diapers that I can carry around to other parts of the house as needed. I also have a few fabric storage bins above my closet with his bigger clothes and accessories he won't be needing for the first few months, as well as a foldable Puj baby tub which pretty much slides into any space.

Nursery "Corner"

We already knew I was pregnant when we moved into this apartment so I knew that this would be his little corner by the time I started putting it all together. I opted for this mini crib from Babyletto which fits the space perfectly. I was a little worried that it would be too small and not worth it but when it arrived I realized I couldn't imagine having a bigger one. Plus it converts to a toddler + twin bed with a converter kit so it will grow with him over the years! I chose this non-toxic mattress also from Babyletto and this basic white jersey sheet from Amazon.

I separated the space a bit with this 3x5 Tibetan Blue Area Rug from Wayfair and created more storage space (and added character) with this super cute Wicker Basket also from Wayfair which currently holds all of his muslin swaddles. All of the activity/tummy-time mats that I found that were my "aesthetic" were not cheap so I opted for this faux sheepskin rug from Amazon which also easily blends in as decor! Tucked behind the crib right now is this wooden baby gym from Etsy that I added to my registry. I specifically requested that no one gets us any obnoxious, large, colorful plastic toys or activity centers so we also currently have a Fisher Price Rock n Play and a Stokke Bouncer (hand-me-down) in the living room. Also in our living room is this Glider from Amazon for breastfeeding.


I kind of can’t believe the "nursery" is done and it feels rather surreal to say the least. Whenever baby decides to show up now, at least his space is ready for him, and we really hope he likes it as much as we do!


// Babyletto Mini Non-Toxic Mattress // Tibetan Blue Area Rug // Maiz Wicker Basket // Fitted White Jersey Mini Crib Sheet // 8-Drawer White Dresser // Seagrass Changing Basket // Changing Basket Cotton Insert // Faux Cactus // 3 Sprouts Velvet Hangers // IKEA Skubb Drawer Organizers // IKEA Samla Under-bed Storage Bin // Faux Sheepskin Rug // Mid Century Modern Glider // Wooden Baby Gym // Stokke Baby Bouncer //