Now that I'm 32 weeks/ 8 months pregnant (and in full nesting mode) I've started to get some things packed to bring to the hospital when I give birth. I've watched about 200,000 "What's In My Hospital Bag" YouTube videos and pinned plenty of Pinterest lists over the past few weeks so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I want to bring. You may think i'm totally over or under packed but I want to make sure I'm as comfortable as possible when the day comes and I'd rather have something and not use it vs. regret not bringing something. If you have anything that you swear by or regret not bringing please let me know in the comments below!




A robe is great for layering over the hospital gown or wearing it with a nursing bra for a little extra coverage and to help you feel less like a patient. Plus easy access for breastfeeding and perfect for moving around in during labor if you get warm. I bought this super-soft, plain, black non-maternity robe from Target which I will easily be able to get many uses out of postpartum as well.


You'll want something loose, comfy, and dark-colored like this set from Target. You could also just pair a nursing tank with some dark, loose fitting pj pants or leggings.


If you’re planning on breastfeeding, make sure you bring a nursing bra like this super comfortable one from Amazon. If not, bring any comfy, non-restricting bra.


You'll most likely be taking a shower while you're at the hospital– and when you do, you'll want something to protect your feet.


I think a nursing pillow (if you're planning on using one in general) is essential. Especially as a first-time mom. Breastfeeding is hard, and a pillow like the Boppy will make the whole experience a little easier while you and your baby are figuring things out.


You could argue that this is not a necessity but hospital towels aren't all that cozy and warm and anything you can bring from to make yourself a little more comfortable is a win.


I'm sure you won't forget to bring your phone but don't forget to grab your phone chargers on the way out! It's best if it's extra long so you can comfortably use your phone in the bed if the plug isn't super accessible.


You'll definitely want your own toiletries while you're at the hospital. I'm planning on bringing travel size containers of my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, skin care, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo, and a small makeup bag. I'm assuming I won't want to put on a full face of makeup at any time during my time there but I'll definitely be bringing some concealer and mascara for any photos that may be taken.


For most women, nursing pads are non-negotiable. You can get bamboo reusable ones or disposable nursing pads on Amazon.


Another thing that I recommend bringing from home to make your time there a little more comfortable. I'm bringing fuzzy socks like these.


Unless you had a big meal right before birth, then you’ll want some snacks while in labor or afterward. I've heard many times that they won't feed you anything once you get to the hospital so make sure to pack some healthy snacks like bars and dried fruit to help you feel good. I also plan on bringing my favorite coconut water to help keep me hydrated during and after.


Apparently, if you plan to nurse, do NOT forget nipple cream. I obviously don't know how well it works yet but I've heard good things about this Nipple Butter from Earth Mama.


I have personally not had many hospital stays myself, but I've heard over and over again to bring your own pillow. As you can probably imagine, the pillows at the hospital are not the most comfortable and bringing your own (for both you and your partner) will make the entire experience a bit more comfortable.




Your baby doesn't need a ton of things in those first few days. Plus, from what I've heard, the hospital provides a lot of what he/she does need. However, an outfit to come home in is one of those things that you should probably pack in your hospital bag. Although as a first time Mom like myself, I'm sure that's something you've been super excited to plan and not one that you'll easily forget about. Some people like to go a little more extravagant and cutesy, but I'm keeping it simple with this Organic Footed Onesie from LovedBaby. Along with the onesie, I'm bringing a newborn hat and mittens– to prevent him from scratching his face.


Along with your coming-home outfit, I suggest bringing a few extra basic onesies just in case your stay is longer than expected. You may also want to bring a few different sizes (preemie, newborn, and 0-3 months) just in case your baby is too big or small for the outfit you bring.


The hospital has blankets to swaddle your baby in so this is not a necessity. However, I will definitely be bringing a cute one for his first photos.


Again, depending on what hospital you're at they might provide these. I'm bringing my own just in case because we'll need to have them at home anyway and it's not like they take up a ton of room. I've heard great things about this set from Frida that comes with a file as well to help with any sharp edges but I have this much cheaper set from Target.


I like this organic set from Burt's Bees.


A car seat is pretty much the most important item you could bring. I recommend installing it before you reach full-term so you don't have to worry about it while in labor/at the hospital. We have two of these from Evenflo because they're super reasonably priced and are compatible with our stroller.


The hospital will provide diapers, so this is not a necessity but we're planning on using organic, dye-free, fragrance-free diapers so I'll be bringing a few of my own just in case.