It's happening!!! I couldn't be any more excited to get away, lay on the beach, delete the Gmail app on my phone, and drink virgin piña coladas for a week with my baby daddy (and bump) before it's no longer just the two of us.

So what is a 'babymoon' anyway?

ˈbābēˌmo͞on/ noun: informal
"a relaxing and/or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born." 

So in the effort to kill two birds with one stone, we're headed to the place I spent my entire childhood; Maui! This way I'll get to see some old friends and family members before I get consumed by #momlife while relaxing in paradise. I think with all of the life that has been happening this year, (pregnancy, moving, new jobs), we both desperately need this special worry-free time together more than ever. I’ve been planning and packing all week in anticipation of our trip, and so I thought I’d share some of my tropical BabyMoon Essentials for making the experience as chic and organized as it is restful:



Making sure you're comfortable while you're trying to relax in a tropical location is essential, especially while pregnant. I'm making the effort to pack loose, casual, and flattering clothes like this flowy beach cover-up, this loose black romper, and these maternity-friendly denim shorts.


First of all, I never would've thought I'd call them that. Growing up in Hawaii, they were strictly referred to as "slippers." Either way, I always overpack shoes (and everything) "just in case" and I always end up wearing the same pair of flip flops for 99% of the trip. I'll pack a pair of versatile heels if we decide to get "dressed up" and go to dinner (I wish I would've ordered these summery wedges ahead of time) but I'm otherwise trying to keep it as effortless as possible.


When I'm in Maui, I definitely don't find myself needing my typical daily purse (which might as well be a diaper bag already) complete with everything I could ever need– excluding what I actually end up needing. I think a small bag for essentials like this woven cross-body from Amazon and a larger sand-friendly bag for all of your beach gear is sufficent.


In the past, I've never paid much attention to shielding my skin from the sun. I used to spend hours laying on the beach without an issue. But between the lack of sun-exposure I've had over the past three years of living on the mainland and now being pregnant, I definitely want to be more conscious this trip. I'm planning on reapplying vegan, organic sunscreen like this one from SunBum, wearing beach-friendly accessories like these sunglasses and this summery straw hat to protect my face, and being conscious of how long I'm in direct sunlight throughout the day.


I don't think I've ever worn a one-piece swimsuit so I don't have many restrictions with wearing the bikinis I have from pre-pregnancy. I'm packing a few classic black and white sets as well as a couple new pieces from this local Maui brand I ordered specifically for this vacation.


We all know staying hydrated is essential to your health and wellbeing. Especially while making a human being, flying, and/or being in the sun all day. It's easy to get dehydrated while flying due to the lack of humidity so I always make sure I bring a reusable water bottle not only while traveling but for the whole trip.


Over the past few months, I've really been trying to be more conscious of the amount of plastic I use on a daily basis and making the effort to make better choices. I always carry a reusable straw with me (like these steel straws from Amazon) to use in place of traditional plastic straws and don't plan on stopping while I'm away.


This is my first time flying while pregnant. After some extensive research and knowing my own body, I'm making sure I don't leave without a memory foam neck pillow, healthy snacks, comfortable clothing, water, and my natural pregnancy book that I am WEEKS behind on.


I can’t wait to get away for a few days and enjoy my bump with my best friend!  Did you take a babymoon? Any great tips for a relaxing and rejuvenating time or packing tips that you can share?  Put them in the Comments below!!